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Bulk SMS and email services concentrates in the full variety of services to complete your mailing. Email marketing is straight marketing a commercial note to a crowd of people using automatic mail (email).

Bulk Email Marketing has transformed over the last period or so. We are Helicoptic Solutions, one of the best Bulk Email Facility Benefactor of web solutions. No matter what your products and services are, it is predictable to carve for online existence that can gain higher revenue. With us, you can get a static IP for management your account. We are experts not only when it comes to version an email platform but also we offer services of Email Marketing using which you can easily enlarge your customer base. In the present times of highly scientific progression, Bulk Marketing is the sure shot and the most actual way to advertise your products and services.


Step 1: Contact us on the toll-free number.
Our computer technicians are available 24/7 and feel free for contacting the toll-free number. You can call us at any point in time and explain the problem which you are facing. You will find common email problems that are mentioned above.

Step 2: Diagnose problem remotely 
Our team will securely take the computer remote and they will understand the exact problem which you are facing. They will start consulting your problem with the top and certified experts for the perfect solution to your problem. After getting the right solution, an expert will explain to you the reason of the problem and how you can fix it. It depends on the problem of whether the solution is chargeable or not.

Step 3: Choose the support plan 
Diagnosing the email problem is free of cost and if you are interested in fixing the problem then you need to choose one support plan which is given below.

One time fix basic
One time fix unlimited
Six months fix basic
Six months fix unlimited
One year fix basic
One year fix unlimited

Step 4: Fixation and documents
After completing step 3, your problem will be fixed instantly and you will also get an invoice of the services and other signed documents for the services which you have taken. Future support information will also be given and the team can also ask for feedback.

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